What is ClearMax 365™?

ClearMax 365™ is an exclusive, patented rubber technology not found on any other wiper blade. It combines a soft rubber core with a hard polymer shell for superior performance.

The rubber and polymer are chemically and physically bonded together, creating a permanent shell that will not wear off. It also does not have rubber additives that degrade and leave residue on the windshield over time, providing clear, streak-free visibility.

Up to 40% longer life than other Premium blades 

• „Protected rubber does not absorb fluids 
• „Polymer shell will not wear off 
• „Remains pliable – does not crack 

Extreme all-weather performance

Patented beam design combined with ClearMax365™ rubber technology provides you with year-round performance in all driving conditions.

Exclusive double-locking, weather shield connector

Our pre-installed connector provides a secure connection, is quick and easy to install and is compatible with top-lock and side-lock arms*. 

Bosch Durability

In recent durability tests, Bosch ICON with ClearMax 365™ proved to be the most durable against all major competitors’ brands.


*on select applications